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Ode to a Bookstore

Kathy and I escaped Phoenix relatively unscathed. We love bookstores and on several occasions we bought extra suitcases to carry trophies home.

Despite escaping relatively unscathed, there was still a close call and it found its way into a poem.

There it sat

I had sensed it

Even heard it call my name

Oh so furtively and seductively.

There it was

I knew it was close by

It sat in the back corner

A harsh piece of asphalt

Yet, so compelling and inviting.

I hurried

Some might even say I scurried

But, I heard a cautionary voice

Some might even say threatening

“You only get one!”

“That is your allowance!”

I entered that sanctuary

That quiet, hallowed place

Ah, a bookstore

Not just some Internet siren

It was a real live bookstore

What a treat!

About ivonprefontaine

I have been an educator for almost 20 years. Prior to that, I worked in private industry for 15 years, then returned to university to earn my education degree. For the past 11 years, I have been a co-creator of learning in a unique, progressive, alternative educational school of choice. Currently, I am engaged in a doctoral program at Gonzaga University in Spokane. A main theme in my learning there has been the roles of systems thinking, complexity theory, and organizational theory, and how they apply to education generally and the learning environment I share with students, parents, and colleagues.

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  1. Yes, I love browsing in bookstores too – especially the smaller ones.

  2. wonderful! i have a sudden urge to drop by the bookstore

  3. I’d love to spend the night in one and just listen. Glad you came by.

  4. libraries and book stores; my favorite places to visit.

  5. A bookstore is a wonderful place to visit. So many treasures!

  6. A double thank you Ivon, wonderful post and poem!

  7. Oh, the Kindle-only bookstores will be dust-less and un-fun! I also love stores that specialize in paper, notebooks, and cards. Mmmm!

  8. Oh yes, I know that voice.. but I always come out with three or four, regretfully leaving half a dozen others behind!!!
    Love your poem…

  9. As all of the comments before mine, I understand the pull, my sensibilities seek out bookstores as one might an oasis.

  10. My whole family could get sucked into bookstores for hours at a time. Luckily no one minded.

  11. would you believe there is only 1 bookstore left in all of Santa Barbara? A Christian bookstore, too, not even a Barnes and Noble. :(

  12. Ahhh – a good bookstore is such a wondrous place! I’m glad you found a good one on your trip.

  13. The joy of being in an old bookstore, I could be lost in for hours… and libraries.

  14. Browsing Bookstores (and libraries) used to be my favourite pastime, but now i can’t bend to read the book spines sideways and can’t stand still for long (even though I walk slowly for hours).
    I miss those bookstores that have closed down in recent years too. I used to love seeing children sitting on the floor in the children’s sections engrossed in a new story or pictures. Even now, I find a home without books strange to the eye.


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