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This post has some incredible pictures introduced by a thoughtful quote from Rilke.

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“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”
Rainer Maria Rilke



15apr14. Kobe, Japan. (Gonomiya)

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When I taught, I suggested students look at Jackie Robinson’s life, his Canadian connection, and the his contributions to making the world a better place. The other day I read an article about Henry Aaron who was another great ambassador. The students were always surprised about how different life was 50-60 years ago and how much distance we still have to go in seeing the humanness dwelling in everyone.

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Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson Day is celebrated throughout Major League Baseball (MLB) in honor of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play professional baseball in the MLB. On April 15, 1947, Robinson played his first professional game for the Brooklyn Dodgers. To commemorate Robinson’s achievements, activities are planned each year at all MLB stadiums on April 15th. Home teams coordinate activities for the tribute, which may include pre-game award presentations, special guests throwing the first pitch, prizes for fans, and appearances by other legendary baseball stars. More… Discuss

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A child is like a tree.


This is one of those poems I would have loved to have had hanging beside my work area in the classroom where I could read it each day. Teachers and parents create settings where seeds are planted by children. The quality of the soil and the nurturing that is provided are important factors in the growth that occurs.

Originally posted on GC Himani's collection of quotes, notes & video's made by great people who have been sharing their enlightenment through their words and actions.:


A child is like a tree. 
Parents can help them grow 
by preparing the soil 
and nurturing them with love.
The trees go on growing 
without anybody teaching them
how to grow.
The animals, the birds,
the whole existence,
needs no programming.
According to me,
the function of the parents
is not how to help the children grow –
they will grow without you.
Your function is to support, to nourish,
to help what is already growing.
Don’t give directions and don’t give ideals.
Don’t tell them what is right
and what is wrong:
let them find it by their own experience.
Only one thing you can do,
and that is share your own life.
Tell them that you have been conditioned
by your parents,
that you have lived within certain limits,
according to certain ideals,
and because of these limits and ideals
you have missed life completely,
and you…

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Paddling the River Back to Ask Why

Love, intimacy and desire


We each need love in our lives. Even when we are not physically together, love flows across the time and space as waves and particles. You feel the sensations as immediately and with a powerful sense of being part of something not easily explained and put into words.

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What is intimacy?

The feeling of being in a close personal and affectionate association and belonging together… of a bond that is formed through knowledge and experience of the other…

From itisonlyacuddle

Recent research shows there are different areas of intimacy.

Intimacy 2Intimacy

Intellectual intimacy

On this level, you can converse with your partner about current events, share ideas and thoughts, even debate political and religious topics. Both of you are able to add to the conversation through exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Senior Couple at home. Part of a series
Intellectual intimacy

Recreational intimacy

This is about recreational activities that the two of you enjoy participating in, whether  individually, or together.

RecreationalRecreational Intimacy

Social intimacy

It’s totally okay for you to have your own friends, and he have his, as long as the two of you have some “common” friends. Couple friendships can be an added bonus to a relationship by being a sounding board, providing feedback and…

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Understanding Poetry


This is a fun way to begin the day. Do we really understand poetry? Or, do we encounter it in some particular way that changes with each new encounter?

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4 – 9


I did not see any snowdrops this morning and it is a beautiful day. I did see flowers blooming suggesting that spring is here and won’t be denied. Enjoy your day.

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I watch the gentle
snowdrops nod their heads. Now Spring
will not be denied.
Elizabeth Leaper 2014

Elizabeth Leaper is a poet and has several blogs, one of which can be found at simply elfje

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This is a great acrostic poem that starts my day thinking about what Life is. Whitehead and Dewey said Life and all its manifestations are the only necessary curricula for education.

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Happiness,,,, Matthieu Ricard no less……


Mathieu Ricard who is mentioned and quoted above is a Buddhist monk who also holds a PhD in molecular genetics. I am just beginning to read his work on happiness and it is fascinating. Letting go is so important to our happiness. We cannot simply wish and want to be happy. It comes effortlessly with much work. Happiness is a form of paradox.

Originally posted on C PTSD - A Way Out:

“So the way in which we experience these waves of suffering depends a great deal on our attitude.
It is therefore always better to familiarize ourselves with and prepare ourselves for the kind of suffering we are likely to encounter, some of which will be unavoidable, such as illness, old age, and death, rather than to be caught off guard and sink into anguish.
A physical or moral pain can be intense without destroying our positive outlook on life.
Once we have acquired inner well-being, it is easier to maintain our fortitude or to recover it quickly, even when we are confronted externally by difficult circumstances.
Does such peace of mind come simply because we wish it to?
We don’t earn our living just by wishing to.
Likewise, peace is a treasure of the mind that…

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This is such a simple message with such a powerful underlying idea. What it means is largely idiosyncratic. We are unique and beginning will look so different from person-to-person.

Originally posted on Coco J. Ginger Says:

Do your work.
Write. RISK.
C  R  E  A  T  E.

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