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there is…


Rumi has such simple and profound messages. We can see what others feel through those windows. There is a shimmering that happens and makes us feel complete.

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There is a window
from one Heart to another Heart.

– Rumi

dew drop

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Because Kindness Matters


It always does. Alfonso Lingis writes that sometimes just being present is the most important thing and the words we say. Kind acts speak and tell the Other that they are recognized.

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Because Kindness Matters

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What do you hear when you look at a tree?


This reminded me of Thich Nhat Hanh who describes an oak tree at Plum Village. He advises retreat attendees to take time, hug the tree, and listen to what it says. Deep ecology operates on the same premise. Nature has something to show us. We have to stop and listen with our hearts.

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DSC06301When we were in Gatlinburg Tn, we got this face for my Mom and Dad’s tree.  The face is still there.  From where I sat it looked like the leaves of the tree appeared to be hair for this face.  I started thinking about trees.  When I was young I used to collect leaves and other plants to identify them.  My father helped me to know which tree was what.  He also knew the bark.  One time his sister asked him to come up and see if her trees had Dutch Elm disease.  He drove up and got out of the car and looked at the trees and said “No.  These are Oak trees”.  He got back into the car and his sister said “For heaven’s sake, come on in.  You came all this way.”  He had completed his mission and the trees weren’t elms.  He could see by their…

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Barefoot In The Sacred


This beautiful poem reminded me of the Alfred North Whitehead that the past and future always meet in the sacred, holy ground of the present. We cannot be any other place except in our thoughts which create a fantastic future and idealized past.

Originally posted on Masked Native:

in the sacred

Step outside the garden door,

with bare feet on cold concrete,

and after the realisation that it’s not so bad,
you can bear it,
move on to the dew wet morning grass,
to the uncut patch,
where the secret life within grounds you
to the heart of your heart,
to the world heart,
to the one sacred whole where you know yourself in everything,
where everything has it’s peace,
and even inanimate objects
find their rest in the sacred.

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No. 1054


Materialism and consumerism run rampant. One of the things we talked about in the wake of my mother’s passing was how the generation that grew up in the 1930’s is disappearing. With them goes the ethic of not wanting for more than what we have. When we experience our place and time in the world with indigenous qualities unique to it, it changes how we experience the world. That is a valuable lesson to be learned from those who went before.

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Embrace The New Dawn. By CpSingleton © 2015
Breathe like summer’s lighting up your skin.

That tingle in your cheeks to signal

A smile is about to begin

To take over your features.

This is what defines us from

The darker shadow creatures.
Don’t rely on your bank balance to bring you joy.

Numbers can’t replace a gifted soul,

Nor the shiny toy,

Or worthless rock.

No man found enlightenment

From sweating over stock.
Instead, open up your mind wider than a dragon’s yawn.

Disregard last night’s teachings and

Stride into your new dawn

Ready to enjoy your day.

Because, in a flash that is your life,

It can all be taken away.

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Homage to the Prophet


This is a triple-whammy. The post begins with a wonderful quote from Khalil Gibran and then provides a poem that expands on teh quote. The poem is co-written by Frederic and Lorrie. Love and peace are not easy to find. Thomas Merton wrote we call it falling in love, because it is hard work. Robert Greenleaf reminds us that passion comes from the root meaning to suffer and (com)passion is sharing that suffering in ways that make us better people and provide a better world.

Originally posted on Poems & poèmes:

“When love beckons to you, follow him,
though his ways are hard and steep”
(Khalil Gibran, “The Prophet”)

(co-written with ☼ Lorrie Bowden ☼ )

He stood on the mountain, exalted
And he wished for an audience to rhapsodize
About all he had seen
All he had learned

Grasping harmony in cacophony
Fighting for peace as wars dehumanize
And pushing for a truce
Between silence and tumult

He wore the tattered vestiges of pain
So delicately on his psyche
As his cloak of love and brilliance
Billowed from his soul

And even winter rains fell under his spell
For he was a maker of rainbows
Who had to teach the bright colors of wisdom
Passion, Mindfulness and Freedom

And they gathered
And they listened
This giant amongst them
Answered every question

And the people rose as one…
As a pregnant woman smiled to him, he said:
The Soul and her baby…

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I guess that settles it then…


Einstein had a way with words that just cut to the chase of the message.

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They spelled ‘stupidity’ wrong!  LOL!

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