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Daily Archives: June 14, 2013

clouds are free

The other day compassion was free. Today, we have free clouds. Do I ever stop and wonder what is free in my life that I take for granted?

who could know then


and there are days after days when
this gritty world holds so liitle appeal
…to be anyplace, but where i stand

in submerged pain when this history
so swift a snare, in its bear claw trap
jailed in recall…in tragic rerun memory

i tire of these arms, these familiar legs
so weary of this face i already know
and a name, i never asked to own

where do i find this release
where is that, wipe my slate clean
and this shapeless anonymity i need?

it’s weightless that i want to be
to catch a current…to float without fear
follow any breeze because clouds are free

…these clouds i crave

……to be in them

……….to be through them

……………to be of them

to be recognized one minute
and so simply gone the next,
with neither pain nor regret

because it’s weightless, that i want to be

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