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The Journey Within

via The Journey Within

Along with two quotes from Rumi and Kahil Gibran, Karen offers four practices to move towards the journey within.

Healing, which shares etymology with whole, healthy, and holistic, needs patience to achieve. There are no quick fixes.

I find an axiom that serves me well is to think of my meditative practices as practice. It is in those moments that the struggle sometimes becomes clearer, making my life wholer. Other times, I fall short.

I told hockey players to take risks in practice and the same can be said for meditation and other practices to make myself whole and healthy. Another practice is walking, which I treat like a form of meditation. I try to remember I am part of nature, not outside it. This helps make me feel more whole.

Let yourself go!

Jasper Trail


Transformation of the Self, Stewardship Reunderstood

This morning, as I sat quietly, the following words came to me and I am hopeful I can begin to live them.

If I am fully present for each moment in a non-judgmental way and transformed the world I live in from ordinary to extraordinary what joy I would give and receive. I fell back into old reactive habits yesterday instead of living into and embracing each moment. Time and space helps point one’s self to the moment and an understanding of those things I control. It requires quieting my ‘monkey mind’ and that was a struggle yesterday.

Transformation is slow, mindful change. It is patient moment-to-moment and incremental change. It is humbling and requires compassion as I tend and nourish an internal garden and attempt to bring the quiet of those moments into the busyness of my life. Each time I sit, I need a quiet mind to reveal the hidden wisdom.  Until this morning, I considered stewardship as caring for something external, but it begins from within.

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