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It Begins Within

This has been an incredibly difficult and challenging lesson to learn for me over the years. I needed to accept, forgive, and love myself. Loving myself responsibly makes me a better gift for others. I had the opportunity to hear Marianne Williamson present and it was truly inspirational.

Professions for PEACE

your task rose-rumiMarianne Williamson has written that loving ourselves isn’t selfish; it’s humble. To think that we are not worthy of our own love is to forget that we are a child of God. This isn’t suggesting we’re not flawed, but rather that we offer love to ourselves while we are learning better, while we are improving. We can decide to love our self right now, right here. Just the way we are. 

hug you rockThere are goals I’m striving for and ways I’m inspired to keep learning. And there are times I fall down and feel too hurt to get back up. But I always do, because I know every wound carves me into a larger being, a wiser heart, a deeper spirit.

The life-long, on-going process of ‘growing up’ keeps me wildly interested in life. Our world is fascinating, terrific, terrible, upsetting, awe-inspiring and heart-breakingly beautiful. Life is incredible, all of it,

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We are headed out in the next few minutes and will spend time in nature. Just looking at the pictures Kathy took on her way down here, I am sure that it will be spectacular and reconnecting as we drive into and across Glacier. Nature is such a great place to just be and find one’s self.

Soul Writings

Shared by “Missr Holland”

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Those Images

Kathy went shopping and bought a book. It sounds mundane, but, when she opened the book, she found a small piece of paper with this Yeats‘ poem written on it. We are headed home tomorrow. We will take a few days, travel into Montana, across Glacier National Park, and head north. We will see some of the wild on that trip. I doubt lions will appear but a mountain lion might show up and maybe an eagle on the wing. Certainly, we find better exercise in sunlight and wind.

On the back or it might be the front of the slip, someone wrote the Gandhi quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world and PEACE”.

What if I bade you leave

The cavern of the mind?

There’s better exercise

In the sunlight and wind.

I never bade you go

To Moscow or Rome.

Renounce that drudgery,

Call the Muses home.

Seek those images

That constitute the wild.

The lion and the virgin,

The harlot and the child.

Find in middle air

An eagle on the wing.

Recognize the five

That make the Muses sing.


This is an incredible image. The sun looks like it is both in the sky and in the water forming two suns.

Vigil Kumar


அந்தி வேளையில்
குருதியில் தோய்த்த
அகண்ட ஆகாயத்தில்
ஒய்வு தேடி நான்
மேற்கு நோக்கி
பலாயனம் செய்கிறேன்
வழியெங்கும் விண்மீன்கள்
கைகொட்டி சிரிக்கின்றன
என் மறைவில் மட்டுமே
அவை ஜொலித்து பழகிவிட்டன
மவுனமாய் விழுந்து உடைவதை
அவை அறிவதில்லை
தாலி அறுந்த
விதவை நட்சத்திரங்களின்
ஒப்பாரி என்னை தினமும்
துயில் எழுப்புகிறது
கிழக்கில் மீண்டும்
உதித்து எழுகிறேன்
– விஜில் குமார்

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“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” ― Albert Einstein

I get to begin the day with a quote from my figurative dad, Einstein and the wise voice of Rabindranath Tagore. How close to the inner child can I remain? That is where imagination flourishes and the beauty of life is most easily revealed.


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The Niagra River

Gary sent me to this poem after I posted Test by Kay Ryan. I seek meaning in my life for those things around me. Other times I don’t pay enough attention, take things for granted, and do not realize the substance of what is there. Even something as large as the Niagara River can go unnoticed and blur into the background. When I pull it forward, its meaning is there, not explainable, but there. I am reminded that meaning exists even when I cannot explain it.

For those who have not visited Gary, you will enjoy his poetry. I do.




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As though

the river were

a floor, we position

our table and chairs

upon it, eat, and

have conversation.

As it moves along,

we notice—as

calmly as though

dining room paintings

were being replaced—

the changing scenes

along the shore. We

do know, we do

know this is the

Niagara River, but

it is hard to remember

what that means.

Let’s Dance

Elisa is a wonderful photography. It must take incredible patience to find a shot like this and then find the word words to further explain it. It brings to life the dance we call life. What words can describe my life?

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