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Daily Archives: March 24, 2012

World Cafe March 17, 2012

I took a deep breath and slowed down for a few moments to post these very important contributions you made to my learning. You will find the images of the March 17 World Cafe Table Posters and March 17 Wall Posters posters on the blog. I will summarize them in the next few days and post them. They look amazing. I apologize for the delay and only offer that in the days leading to spring break, appointments, and flying to Portland, time was stretched. Your time and contributions to each event were appreciated and valued.

I want to express my gratitude to each of you for taking time to advance my learning through the World Cafe events and Appreciative Inquiry. You contributed to and guided my thinking as I prepared a presentation I am delivering entitled The Mindful Servant-Leader. The four events we attended demonstrated that a positive focus on important questions asked in a safe and spacious manner yield unexpected answers and directions. Community emerged through the process and people communicated about ordinary and extraordinary aspects of learning. Dialogue and conversation give and affirm voice to each member of a community. Voices are greatest in the collective and we found new, eloquent questions. Answers were assumed to be unknown when the questions were formed and asked.

I will leave you with a passage from Mindful by Mary Oliver: I say to myself/how can you help/but grow wise/with such teachings/as these–/the untrimmable light/of the world,/the ocean’s shine,/the prayers that are made/out of grass?

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