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Advice From Ivon

There was an image here and some of you responded. I appreciated your comments and left them in place. Apparently, I infringed on a copyright of a group that sells the postcard I posted. I leave you with this.

What advice can I give?

Stand firmly rooted to the Earth.

Reach and touch the sky.

Take risks.

Trust those closest to you.

Love those closest to you.

Find your voice.

Speak right.

Act right.

Apologize sincerely when it is right do so.

And wonder in awe when it is time do so.

About the rights of nature and humans.

Take care.

I humbly apologize for using an image posted in various other places. I meant no harm … Here is what I am legally obliged to present for making a human error:

The Advice from a Tree image and words previously posted were an infringement of the copyrights of Ilan Shamir and Your True Nature and has been shared around the Internet. I am reposting the correct version of this and encourage you to visit the Advice from Nature website at for Advice from a Tree and over 100 other advice bookmarks, posters, journals, tshirts and other eco products.                                                                                    copyright 1993-2012 YTN

Again, enjoy.

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  1. Indeed, very practical and true!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. What fantastic advice!

  3. Great card and advice. Thanks for posting.

  4. Wonderful advises! Nature is way smarter than humans, obviously 🙂

  5. We are so happy to see how our work is inspiring people at this site and so appreciative that they are being so well received. We all can appreciate the natural flow of inspiration, as well as the human need to protect the integrity of our creations. This is the Spirit with which I created the Advice from a Tree poem. So, onto the human, legal, business side of our creative gifts we share…The Advice from a Tree material posted is an infringement of our registered copyrights. What you have posted is signed by a unauthorized party which mistakenly communicates a different author than Ilan Shamir and creates confusion in the marketplace. We need you to take immediate action in clearly communicating rightful ownership so that this unauthorized version does not continue to spread around the internet. Go to for specific action required. We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. – Ilan Shamir

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  7. I am now afraid to post anything! However, being a teacher encountering the plagiarism of my students and being a business owner myself, copyright infringement is serious business, intentional or not. However, the sentiment of the previous poem post was not lost on me & reminders are always necessary!

  8. Brilliant concept , uniquely expressed.Jalal Michael


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