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Daily Archives: January 19, 2013

I enjoyed this poem immensely. It was great preparation for the retreat this weekend, a gentle reminder to be still and enjoy the moment.

Worldly Winds

English: Kwan Yin - Chinese goddess of mercy &...











Remember not

to forget

to remember

close your eyes

breathe in

breathe out

close your eyes

the silence brings


not to forget

to remember



© Remember Remember 17.01.2013


by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

English: Kwan Yin – Chinese goddess of mercy & compassion Statue of Kwan Yin in the grounds of Greenway House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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I head to a retreat tonight and I hope that it replenishes my creative spirit. These are the lyrics to a song by Claudia Schmidt. The poem has a nature theme, but the idea of replenishing one’s self is strong, natural, and metaphoric in this case.

We go on, we go on,

Canoe under the hot sun,

The upturned paddles guide liquid to our

dry mouths.

Water within us, water surrounds us,

A great mystery our becoming dry at all.

Replenish, replenish, all must be replenished.

The water within and without.

All that fills, all that surrounds us:

The great whistling pines,

The tenacious beaver,

The ancient loon,

The rush of the young eagle’s wings as it

dips low over our canoe.


The eyes bathed in this delicate solitude,

The trembling eternity,

Called back in mid-sweep only to be

assessed by green parched eyes


Each shriveled heart

Which has its moments only at events set

aside for its song,

But cannot fly for the connection

Between the rock and the human body,

The heron’s wing and the hope in our souls,

We go on,

We go on.

Our paddles dance with the lake water to

the music in our throats.

We will grow dry again

Perhaps leap into the water

A small and symbolic celebration of a great

and endless task

Which gracefully undertaken,

Might allow us to go on, and on, and on.

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