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Daily Archives: December 21, 2013

Tim Conway: The Elephant Story

We used this video in one of our classes this fall to help better understand the writing of Alfred North Whitehead. Improvisation is the world we live in. The best laid plans of mice and men fall to the wayside each moment.

Live & Learn

This is an unedited version of The Elephant Story from The Carol Burnett Show.  The original air date was November 5, 1977.  Tim Conway refuses to let the scene continue until he can finish a story about a circus elephant.  Not sure what is funnier, Conway’s jokes or the inability of the cast to keep a straight face…

Thank you SoulProprietor

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The Contract: A Word From the Led

We often think of leadership from the perspective of the person in charge. What about those who follow? What does it mean to be led by a particular person? I find, at times, that I get in a hurry to lead and forget to listen which is such an important part of leadership.

William Ayot provided this insightful poem which offers advice for the leader through the eyes of the follower. Leadership is about serving and mindfulness which intersect with integrity.

And in the end we follow them –

not because we are paid,

not because we might see some advantage,

not because of the things they have accomplished,

not even because of the dreams they dream

but simply because of who they are:

the man, the woman, the leader, the boss,

standing up there when the wave hits the rock,

passing out faith and confidence like life jackets,

knowing the currents, holding the doubts,

imagining the delights and terrors of every landfall;

captain, pirate, and parent by turns,

the bearer of our countless hopes and expectations,

We give them our trust. We give them our effort.

What we ask in return is that they stay true.

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