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Mindful Attitude

As I move into the New Year, this poem resonated. Being more mindful, allows me to be aware of the needed balance between passion and compassion. Life has a way of revealing a path when I am patient and open to multiple possibilities.

A mindful attitude–

Seek to choose well

Blend fiery passion

With compassion’s loving kindness.

Let life’s fruit mature;

Ripen deeply

Nurture life’s fully.

A spiritual banquet nourishes

Deepest meanings revealed

I Respond to life’s bounty.

Assume responsibility

For one’s self

For each other.

Welcome the world


With childlike wonder

Become one;

Become whole

Transform the self.

About ivonprefontaine

I completed a PhD at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Previously, I taught for 20 years and taught for 15 years in a wonderful hybrid school. My dissertation topic and research were how certain teachers experience becoming who teachers. In teaching and leanring, I am a boundary-crosser who understands moving ahead is a leap of faith. Teaching is a calling and vocation to express who I am as a person. Currently, I am waiting and listening to what calls me next. I am an educator, phenomenologist, scholar, boundary-crosser, published poet, author, parent, grandparent, and spouse.

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  1. Very good wisdom in your words, Thank you.

  2. enjoyed this
    personal sharing
    of passion
    for all! 🙂

  3. Lovely and very wise words on the eve of closing one year and moving into a new beginning. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year. Paulette & gang

  4. Great thoughts & words to share as we look into a new year.
    Happy 2014! 🙂

  5. i am thinking about having a new year resolution this year, for a change – to make myself smile every day from heart 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for following the blog, I really look forward to reading your posts and happy new year 2014. Gede Prama 🙂

  7. Beautiful composition.
    Wishing you have peace, happy, prosperous and Auspicious New Year.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.

  8. Beautiful composition.
    Wishing you have peace, happy, prosperous and Auspicious New Year.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.

  9. Blessings to you and your family for the new year. May it bring you continued wisdom to share.

  10. Happy New Year, Ivon!! A brand new unbroken chain of days stretches now before us – live well!

  11. Hope you have a Happy New Year. For whatever reason WP won’t let me like any of the postings from today . . . so I wanted you to know I appreciate all you write and look forward to reading your postings. Blessings in 2014!

  12. Beautiful wise words to accompany us into the new year. Wishing you & yours lots of happiness in 2014.

  13. i will try to keep the words in mind as i walk through the days!

  14. Beautiful. And so very true. Thanks for sharing, and for liking “Snow, Sleds, and Memories” 🙂

  15. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Spread your zen! 🙂


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