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Daily Archives: February 17, 2014

Is everything a prayer

I read this post several times trying to digest and understand. We have given up considerable which makes us human. One is the ability to pause and listen deeply through meditation and prayer. Instead, as is suggested, we look for quick, calculating ways, often without realizing what we are doing, to achieve some material end. The material without the spiritual connections is meaningless.

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That past posting

Circle is a gift to the people

Reminded me about a number of times another question keeps coming up on my tracker’s.

Time to answer them.

Some return visitors want the know if native Americans have ceremonies that are not prayers?



In our culture, ceremonies are talking with our Supreme Being.

Well at least not in my tribe, village.

Each time this question is asked I would look back through our ceremonies, answer is still no.

From birth to crossing (death) even our dancing, “prayer”!

The main reason for my short to the point answer is, first because it is the truth, also if a leader goes into the Sacred Ceremony in writing, such as the Naming Ceremony, phony’s will copy it for their own benefit, once that happens it is no longer sacred, blessed or native and both parties and yours truly, for putting…

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