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Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

A Tai Pei Personality

It took a couple of weeks to re-blog this, but I held onto it because it is a beautiful play on words and the way we see the world. I often refer to myself as the prototypical Type A person who is blessed with a a Type B person in Kathy. But, we both enjoy Tai Pei.

Tuesdays with Laurie

The corporate world often utilizes personality profiling tools to determine which category or personality type employees fall into. This is typically done for two reasons:

  • To gain insight into our learning styles, tendencies, and blind spots.
  • To leverage our strengths and talents for the company’s benefit.

When I was in the corporate world, it was determined that I’m an ENTP on the Myers Briggs, a Maximizer on Strengthsfinder, a high D on the DISC, and orange on the True Colors assessment. Bottom line on top: a Type A personality.

A person with a Type A personality is said to be:

Impatient, have difficulty expressing emotions, competitive, drive, perfectionism, and has an unhealthy dependence on external rewards such as wealth, status, or power. 

From my perspective, this doesn’t describe me accurately.

Tai Pei

If I’m going to be labeled, I prefer Tai Pei as opposed to Type A — thank you…

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