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Daily Archives: March 18, 2014


I know it is not daybreak, but it could be. There are many things at many times of the day that leave us breathless. Yesterday, it was squirrels that are simple yet important part of my daily life. At home, it is the rabbits who have migrated into our neighbourhood. They sit very still as we cannot see them, but we know they are there and they are know we are there.

Gabriela Mistral wrote this poem as a reminder that there are many things that can leave me breathless. Being present in the world is important in taking note of those things in more than a superficial way.

My heart swells that the Universe

like a fiery cascade may enter.

The new day comes. Its coming

leaves me breathless.

I sing. Like a cavern brimming

I sing my new day.

For grace lost and recovered

I stand humble. Not giving. Receiving.

Until the Gorgon night,

vanquished, flees.


How to walk

These are words to live by. My guess is when I walk this way my footprint is quite small, but impactful.

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