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Daily Archives: June 17, 2014

astonished…or, thank you, Mary Oliver*

Life is full of many phenomena which we should pay attention to. When we do, poetry is written and others are astonished in our astonishment.

Sirena Tales

I perch on this threshold


by my front lawn’s miracle

of birdsong

scenting the carefree breeze,

how each plant dances


in nature’s inimitable choreography:

swaying ferns partner

emerald leaves aflutter

branches of blossoms bow grandly

then billow

to sunlit radiance

as the butterfly floats and the dragonfly whirs

resplendently entering

our enchanting soloists

remind that life’s magic

can appear at any moment

for those who will see,

yes, astonished

by my front lawn’s miracle

let me savor the succulence

June’s abundance

and add my grateful heart

to her lovely tune


*When I saw the following quotation of Mary Oliver’s sublime poetry, I was immediately inspired to write my humble offering above.  Yes, let’s be astonished!  And then share…

“Instructions for

living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.” ~Mary Oliver, “Sometimes”

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