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Message in a bottle has the sounds of a cast-away poem. We can only hope someone finds the message in their ocean.



Message In  Bottle

Will It Go To Your Ocean

Sail Communique’


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  1. Sort of like the Doors old tune
    Women seem wicked
    If we are unwanted?
    Ivon is this hope for approval, a connection, a union or avoidance of criticism?

    • You are taking me back many years with a Doors reference. We are all wanted by someone. It is a matter of finding the someone who wants us.

      • May I pose a mindful,question, if we really believe being present, letting the mud clear enough that an answer appears, seems to me to say,
        Many, many mates are possible, needing to have a desire to be wanted, falls so so short of letting go, letting the grasp to have a mate, security, as soon as possible, is not prudent.
        the appearance of fulfillment, rather than be alone for a while onager, awkward at times, yes.
        In setting a message to sail, their is a presumption we have accepted ourselves enough to have a healthy relationship in the first place, I guess.

        Last question: Where does someone wanting us impact,our happiness. Are we hapless without others adulation or romantic desire? If we are alone we are not as happy as someone who has someone wanting them?

        I mean we all are mixed up in this mess of emotion, desire and living.

      • I read recently a different view of hapless. The author, and I cannot remember the name, said there is power in the prefix hap. Things hap-pen hap-hazardly and in hap-penstance. There is hap-piness that we cannot anticipate, but we await. We are never really alone are we?

      • Depends on the what the meaning of is “is” then?

      • That is very hermeneutic and phenomenological question.

  2. Great post. No one knows just where a message will land. One should always believe it will make it to shore and make a difference for someone.

  3. I am hoping
    a special someone finds the message
    inside for him


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