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Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself.

In a highly materialistic and competitive world, it is hard sometimes to accept who we are. My reading and writing has taken me on a detour through this as I explore what teaching means to teachers in their forming identities. There is an essential part of who we are that often goes unexplored. We often reduce to what we do, how we do it, and why we do it, but rarely let the who be revealed.

It is almost Seuss-like with the question “Who is the who that teaches or lives this life?” When we slow down and move from moment to moment, it allows us to speak to our self and listen more deeply. This conversation is a rich and deep requiring stillness and mindfulness that the busyness of daily life often prohibits. When we slow down, we touch the essential spirit of who we are without completely knowing the answer. The questions we ask open space for living and creativity.


The sun will rise again!

Breathe. Al is well. There is not much else to say as we allow each moment to flow into the next realizing the transience of living.


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“Just as the sun sets and rises each day, you always have the opportunity to let go and begin again.
Breathe. All is well.”
– Anna Taylor

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