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“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

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Genie shared this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh about what our mindfulness means for others. When we do not offer our undivided attention to other, it diminishes who they are.

However, a risk is we diminish mindfulness and it becomes a clichéd word that loses its full meaning. Occasionally, I read articles that suggest mindfulness is a “business tool” that we turn off and on as a calculated choice. When someone is truly mindful, they attempt to be present in every moment, realizing that is not humanly possible.

When I am present to the other, it means I give my attention as an unconditional gift with no advance calculation. Mindfulness is not a business calculation. When we are mindful, we attend to each word, not seeking to answer, but to hear what the other says to us.

About ivonprefontaine

I completed a PhD at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Previously, I taught for 20 years and taught for 15 years in a wonderful hybrid school. My dissertation topic and research were how certain teachers experience becoming who teachers. In teaching and leanring, I am a boundary-crosser who understands moving ahead is a leap of faith. Teaching is a calling and vocation to express who I am as a person. Currently, I am waiting and listening to what calls me next. I am an educator, phenomenologist, scholar, boundary-crosser, published poet, author, parent, grandparent, and spouse.

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  1. Wonderful message my brother, and you do that with all you share!

  2. To have some actually listen to someone with their full attention is a rare and precious act. I keep practicing this daily and hope to get better at it each day. The world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone learned to listen carefully to what others are saying.

    Thanks for sharing so many meaningful pieces of guidance for a better world.

  3. The word ‘genuine’ springs to mind, Ivon.

  4. Yvon, stay away from Genie, she is not what she appears to be.
    You have been warned.

  5. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I’ve read and been uncomfortable with those same business articles.

  6. This matches well with my intentions this evening. I am going to my brother’s for a family get-together. He has a huge family now including grandchildren and I will be by myself. Usually I fade into the background, unnoticed, but I decided the other day to make more of an effort and really get to know one of my nephew’s girlfriends. Well, it’s a start!


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