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#EchoesFromPastEra . . .I seek strength,…

via #EchoesFromPastEra . . .I seek strength,…

This is a beautiful Indigenous passage shared by Purple Rays. I have been thinking of deep ecology more the last few days and this poem reminded me of how I am not separate from the universe and others who share it with me.

Even in an urban setting, nature is immediate and surrounds me, providing context for my life. As I walk, I listen to birds, see squirrels, observe flora, and, sometimes, walk in the rain, as I did this morning.

How I live in nature and in relationship with others I can cleanse my hands and spirit, finding strenght and preparing for the next step in my journey.

I took this picture walking in the river valley, which divides Edmonton. The terns are always there during the spring, summer, and fall. When I walk on the path that is surrounded by trees, at this time of the year I smell how nature renews itself as trees shed their leaves and they are absorbed into the natural cycle.

Gulls at Neurotsis Inlet


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  1. It’s almost as if I could smell it myself, Ivon. So calm and beautiful.

  2. Beautiful and I feel the same way. I have stray cats in my yard, one who has lived with me for almost six years. The birds, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, opossums, so many flowers, at least in the summer, and just the sound of the trees…makes everything wonderful. I talk to all of them, say hello, pick up stranded worms, which make my walks a lot longer, believe me. Lovely post.

  3. Enjoyed this one Ivon. Missed our time in St. Albert this year. 😉 Hope all is well with your family.

  4. November 3 and 4. Games from 11 AM to 4PM at Servus for all AMHL teams. We play at 2 PM both days.

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