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Worldview is interesting. I find words, like worldview and mindset, take on meanings based on my most immediate needs as opposed to different, more complex view.

Bruce offered me something to ponder based on the concept of Universal Christ, sometimes referred to as Cosmic Christ. In this, I consider God not as a finite, fixed entity easily imagined and as a complex entity existing beyond my thinking and imagining.

Richard Rohr calls me to understand God and universe as more complex than I am able to imagine. It is OK to try imagine who and what they might be, but they are so complex my mind cannot grasp them. There is always a considerable amount beyond my reach, calling me to resist temptation of neo-Platonic and neo-Thomistic views locking me into finite, fixed ways reflecting my own limits rather than those of God and universe. There is always something “uncanny” and hidden from my view.

Reading Father Rohr, I find echoes of Thomas Merton. Both authors remind me there is far more I do not know than I do and can know. Through nature, God is always revealing and telling me something new, humbling me in the face of my ignorance.


Kathy took this picture several years ago driving through Glacier National Park. Although the picture is fixed, the landscape itself never can be. It is always changing with snow melting and falling; trees growing, the stream eroding the landscape, etc.

It reminds me of the Herclitus quote: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


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  1. Great quote and agreed on nature teaching me. Ahh, The Mystery:

  2. Thoughtful and thought provoking. I appreciate Rohr’s perspective on the Universal Christ. It’s bigger that’s the smaller idea of the Jesus of my early religious education. And yes about nature…and everything!

  3. Thanks again for caring to share. Maybe. Relativity is not such a bad idea after all. Despite being demonised by some with other objectives

  4. Even when I wonder why annoying little insects exist, I am reminded that everything in nature has a purpose. It is important to teach about nature. Thanks for your post and continued support at Poemattic.

  5. I’m always a bit leery of people who think they have God down to a science. Some days, I barely have a clue, but that clue is usually enough to keep me anchored and make me wish to draw closer and learn more.


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