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We live in challenging times and I do not mean just because of the corona virus. I think a world defined by others in ways that make it incomprehensible for each of us is part of that challenge. I find it easy to critique the neo-liberal agenda many of our politicians, technocrats, bureaucrats, plutocrats, etc. have fashioned. The questions I return to is what do I control and how can I live my life in ways that reflect courage, faith, and hope.

Carrie uses those last words in her post one step, then another. She called her blog Lead Our Lives, which is appropriate for these days and for each we will live moving forward moment by moment. I counsel hockey players, students, and many others the only things we control are what we control. I cannot control what other people do and this calls on me to lead my life and not someone else’s.

The first lines in Carrie’s post are from Thomas Merton, who I use often. To close, Carrie uses  Howard Thurman, reminding me in silence I hear my heart whisper how to find strength from weakness, courage from fear, and hope from despair. Perhaps, I discover, in those moments, peace; perhaps it discovers me.

The movement of hope to despair echoes the Prayer of St. Francis, which has been with me throughout my life. I offer you those words to guide you in moments of silence.

Take care, be well, and discover the opportunities amidst the challenges of each moment.

Prayer of St. Francis

I retrieved the image from Pinterest.


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  1. Ivon, I am honored that you chose to share my post in this way. The prayer of St. Francis is a favorite of mine and it hangs in my foyer, so I can read it often. Indeed we are each leaders of our lives and the extraordinary times we are living in are calling us to step up and be the leader that each of us truly is. I wish you and your family well.

    • Thank you Carrie. We used The Prayer of St. Francis as part of our readings in our wedding. More recently, we used it in my parents’ and older brother’s funerals. It has held a special place in my life and that of my family. Like you, I have it mounted it in the house in the form of a very simple, inexpensive plaque my mother gave to us as a gift on one of our early anniversaries. Take care and be well.

  2. The Prayer of St. Francis has always spoken volumes to me. Its message of peace rings so important in today’s world. Thanks for always giving us positive messages to boost our souls.

  3. As always this gives me food for thought, and enrichment. “…the only things we control are what we control. I cannot control what other people do and this calls on me to lead my life and not someone else’s….” I will take that with me. And the Prayer of St Francis, it feels like a good one to give voice to from time to time. Thank you.


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  5. That prayer is so inspiring. I keep it near me and try to remember it.

    • Thank you Micheline. I hope all is well in Quebec for you. It seems that is one of the centres of Covid-19 in Canada.

      • The problem was the March break. The young traveled to Florida and they are now spreading the coronavirus. I heard the surgeon general of the United States. The young are spreading the virus. They were on the beaches. Do keep well. It will end if we want it to end.

      • Yes, that makes sense. We were talking here and, in Western Canada, we tend to go to Arizona, Mexico, and California; whereas in the East you go to Florida and the Caribean. The Governor of Florida appears to have left the beaches open for economic gain during spring break, but at what cost?

      • It’s so difficult to get used to a new reality. People want to do what they have always done. It’s Florida or Cuba.

      • It is. Out of this, perhaps we explore what is meaningful in our lives; what we can live without and what we need to sustain us.

  6. I needed this peace prayer today. Thanks so much.


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