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Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

I am sure many children I taught over the years were ADD/ADHD, but this also describes me. I like to wander.

Live & Learn

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Now you can more fully understand why the exercise in the last post was such a struggle.


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The Bridge

Kathy and I enjoyed our break at the retreat this weekend. I feel a little under the weather, but during the retreat itself that simply found a backseat in the peaceful environment we were in all weekend.

When I attend spiritual retreats, I find part way through I question myself. We often talk about compassion in these settings, but I struggle at times to be kind to those who I feel have offended me in the past. I am sure it is human nature. This weekend, I recognized there is worth in the small offenses, I find the good as I turn a little on the circle and shift my senses. I can see the world slightly differently. It is the bridge I need to walk across the abyss that appears, but it is only visible one step at a time. I trust my judgement and that of those who help me take those steps.

I know some might look at this picture and say,”That isn’t much of a drop or bridge.” I am so afraid of heights even this was a challenge the day I crossed.

I stand on the edge

The abyss yawns

Take the first step

The bridge is safe.

Built on compassion

Crafted from wisdom

Supported by community

It will carry my weight.

If only I trust my self

Take the first step

Trust my instincts

And those who travel with me.


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