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Daily Archives: September 29, 2012

The Root of Extraordinary

Friday I spend without students, at least for now. There are rumours teaching four core junior high subjects is not enough. Apparently, I don’t need time to plan, mark, complete report cards, and other sundry tasks which keep the classroom humming.

I work hard to stay positive. Sometimes the tendency is to create negative narratives rather than let each moment live itself fully. I find this is hard work, but it grows easier to set aside the dis-ease.

Alone is different

Not loneliness.

In solitude

Gifts of deep silence

The presence of presents

I grow whole

Energize the spirit

Recollect the ordinary in extraordinary–

Not just a root word;

It is the root.

This is a thoughtful post that asks teachers to join their students as learners. We are more than directors. We are participants on the journey.

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