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Daily Archives: May 27, 2013

clouds open the heart to heaven

Mimi at Waiting for the Karma Truck re-blogged this beautiful post from Make Believe Boutique. It is a wonderful story about the things we tend to overlook in life. The Rumi quote is a great opening. Have an extraordinary day. Enjoy the ordinary.

Make Believe Boutique


Open The Window In The Center Of Your Chest,

And Let The Spirits Fly In And Out.

finding clouds in our deep unfolding

I step outside into a bracing morning. The day is almost too blue; the air is so clear that is seems alive. Far above me, the clouds march in celestial cadence across the sky. Years ago I used to drive a cab for a living. There was a blind woman I used to pick up. She was taciturn, proper, almost British in her sense of propriety and reserve. And though she seldom talked, we gradually became friends. One day I asked her what one thing she would wish to see if, for only one minute, she could have the gift of sight. She smiled and thought a moment. Then, she said, ‘Clouds.’ The answer surprised me. ‘Why clouds?’ I asked. ‘Because I can’t imagine them,’ she…

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