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Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

12 Steps To Happness

This is a great graphic that needs to be shared many times. It summarizes many of the wisdom traditions of the world into 12 steps. It does not make them easier to achieve, but it makes them visible and touchable. Thank you Eddie Two Hawks.

The Child in Me

What if I could just lay outside with grass as my green carpet and the sky replete with clouds as my ceiling? We leave childhood behind so easily?

I lay on green carpet shaggy–

Enrobed in leaves’ greenery;

Silent words breezily whispered–

Bluest blue ceiling revealed;

Cotton batten shapes dance–

Oh, just for me this day!

Night arrives–

The sky wrapped in ebony–

Distant neon signs wink–

Moon’s maternal smile–

Each welcomes–

Just me, this night!

A child’s heart, a child’s mind;

Paints precious images–

Hold close;

Do not let them fade–

Close eyes:

Priceless memories, just for me!


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