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Daily Archives: May 24, 2013


When change comes, it is hard to recognize it as opportunity. I know change is a fixture along with death and taxes. I know that, but it does not always make it easier. It takes trust in others who journey with me. Their eyes see what mine do not. Sometimes I want to jump hastily, at the wrong time. I hit a closed door, not yet opened Other times, I linger and the door swings shut. This time, I know it is right. I ready to embark and cross this new threshold. This is a point of entry, one of many. Be mindful as you cross this one and many others.

I feel a weight gone and creativity surging back to the fore.

I stand transfixed,

Not knowing what I see

It is unfamiliar


I see no adventure.

I feel your hand,

A gentle touch on my shoulder

It guides me forward,

My heart opens and listens–

A gentle voice softly speaks:

“Fear not.”

Urged on,

Invited in,

Welcome there,

I cross a new threshold

I am not alone;

You are with me.


Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone or anything… It’s up to you. And there is something you can do about it!

This is a great quote from Helen Keller. It is the uncommon common sense approach to life I find missing in over planned bureaucratic and technocratic settings. We need to be patient and see with new, fresh eyes. What did I miss? The more we try control the less we control.



When you look deeply into the nature of this thing called life and begin to understand what life is and the way the mind works, you will come to realize that in fact your happiness does not depend on any outside circumstances, events or people. This is the core realization. This is the heart of this understanding. When things begin to fall apart and then you begin to see what’s really going on, you will discover that the happiness you seek is an internal event, an internal experience. And that this internal experience has nothing to do with all the things you were programmed to believe your happiness depended on! And this is why I say this is the good news… because it means you’re free! You are free! Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone or anything… It’s up to you. And there is something you can do about it!



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