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Daily Archives: July 4, 2013

Element of Surprise

I am a little late with my re-blog today and I guess synchronicity played a role. I was frustrated earlier with computer glitches and some issues surrounding my dissertation topic. I went for a tea and on the way back I was nicely surprised by what I was looking for in my dissertation process; some clarity of purpose statement. Sometimes, if I just wait long enough what I want arrives. I read Meg Wheatley’s work extensively and had an opportunity to see some of the Dharma Comics work earlier this year on a trip to San Francisco. Enjoy.

Earthling Opinion

Margaret Wheatley (Jul 05, 2013)

DC_surpriseVery little about the emerging nature of life supports who we have tried to be. Life invites us to play along, discovering as we go. Life wants to work with us in surprising ways. We could make our lives so much more interesting, and develop so many new capacities, if we sought to work with the unknowns of emergence, rather than try and plan surprise out of our lives.

What do we do with surprise? What do we do with a world which cannot be known until it is in the process of discovering itself? It requires constant awareness, being present, being vigilant for the newly visible. We need to notice things we weren’t looking for, things we didn’t know would be important, influence we hadn’t thought of, behaviors we couldn’t predict.

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