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Daily Archives: July 20, 2013

How Amazing You Can Be

My day is reversed. I was working on dissertation things this morning, watched some basketball this afternoon, and Kathy and I went for lunch. A former student is down here for a basketball camp and I have watched him twice. It is always interesting to make connections with the students after a couple of years and see what has changed.
I loved the bear cartoon too much to pass up today. What we will do for friends?

Russ Towne's A Grateful Man


Bears Cartoon: Chuckle’s photo
“Anyone…”: Home Is Where The Heart Is photo

“If you are always trying to be normal you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” –Maya Angelou (Source: Let’s Be Positive Together)

If you’ve ever wondered how I met My Beloved, please check out my most recent post at “Clyde and Friends” titled “I Met My Wife While Playing Hide and Seek in the Dark” at http:/


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