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Daily Archives: October 22, 2013

Palm Tree, poem by Rabindranath Tagore

If only it had wings. What a beautiful line.

Silver Birch Press

PALM TREE (Excerpt)
by Rabindranath Tagore

Palm tree, single-legged giant,
topping other trees,
peering at the firmament –
It longs to pierce the black cloud-celing
and fly away, away,
if only it had wings.

Photo: Chris Palmer

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Natural Selection

The last couple of classes we talked about the way things seem to run below the surface. Life is full and richer due to paradox. What happens below the surface goes unnoticed. It is interesting to examine events that seem chance and realize they emerged out of necessity. Frequently, we acknowledge in the retrospective rear-view mirror.

Alan Shapiro wrote this poem which has multiple meanings, but I found it speaks to life lived.

proceeds by chance

and necessity

becomes nonrandom

through randomness

builds complexity

from simplicity

nurtures consciousness


evolves purposely

creatures who demand


and discover

natural selection

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