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Daily Archives: October 26, 2013


I have a three-week break and will head home for a couple of weeks on Monday, so will be offline for a couple of days. It is a longer sabbath than normal, but it will be a long day on Monday. The wanderer is going from thought country and will find his way home as William Stafford suggested in this poem. We are each shepherded home in some fashion, at some time.

According to the silence, winter has arrived—

a special kind of winter. I, its inventor,

watch it freeze in calendars and stare

out of clocks. I do not feel its cold.

Across a certain farm evening crows go flying,

intervals of the sky that I have seen before,

the bearing of a river. I advance, a wanderer

out of thought country, that serious quiet place,

Till according to the silence all the light is gone

and according to the dark all wanderers are home.

Life means

This is a little in the day, but here is a wonderful poem about the need to create hope and divine spirits with our children.

advocatemmmohan aksharaalu

Slum children at the Food for Life School in V...

Let us

seed hopes 

in the minds of children to fly like birds

Let us

kindle divine spirits

in the hearts of children to glow the world like sun

Life means to love and to live in every moment of time


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