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Trust a Little Bit

This is a great message or messages. One thing that gets us through the day is the faith that others have in us that we will achieve and that becomes our faith in our self. Faith, whether it be one’s own faith, the faith others have in them, or a combination, is the platform and the bridge that gets us through many of our ‘trials.’ Usually, we can look back and recognize that the trail was there for a reason or many reasons.

Professions for PEACE

Faith is the vision of things unseen.

Only those who believe the invisible can do the impossible.

One of the most powerful examples of trust in cinematic arts takes place near the end of the third Indiana Jones movie The Last Crusade. Our hero, Indy, finds himself standing at the edge of a bottomless chasm, across from which stands the sacred temple with the cup of Christ.

He has traveled the world, defied all sorts of horrors and risked death many times to be in this moment, where the cup seems so close and yet so far. Standing there Indy remembers the instruction given him for when he reached this point in his journey. It was one word: Faith.

Although it appears there is nothing there to stand on, he takes a deep breath for courage and steps out over the chasm. It is as he takes the…

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  1. When the time came in life for me to take a step forward into the perilous unknown, I remembered that scene from Indiana Jones. A powerful message.


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