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Daily Archives: May 16, 2014

Do you feel comfortable tooting your own horn?

This is something I have struggled with. I am not very good at saying I am good at this or that. Others tell my story better than I do in that sense. I never thought of it as humility, although I suspect it is part of it. A bigger part is that I was raised by a parent who insisted we not talk that way about our self. In many ways, I see it as a virtue.



In our era of consumerism everything seems to be a matter of sale, including employment. Job hunters are often expected to “sell, sell and sell themselves” with self-confidence considered as one of the key selling points. 

As Broadside points out on her blog, you’ve got to have “the brass-knuckled self-confidence” or “fake successfully and project consistently… to meet the right people, say the right things, answer with the requisite ballsiness… Anyone modest or self-deprecating is quickly and easily trampled by the brazen, who will become your boss.” You are expected to be “chest-beating and telling everyone how amaaaaaaaaaazing you are.”

why do you fail at Job Interviews


I thought about that while scanning environment for interesting opportunities. Would I feel comfortable tooting — or blaring — my own horn?

Well, if I was desperate for a job to feed my children and that was the only way of getting a job, then yes…

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