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The plain fact is…

This is a beautiful sentiment. Mindfulness is becoming the next big corporate thing. It is important that it does and does so in making the world a better place with more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every shape and form. When we measure success with these qualities, rather than making money and the material things we can own, the world becomes a better place. James Hillman suggested we put numbers on things that can only be described incompletely.

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“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more ‘successful’ people.  But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every shape and form.  It needs people who live well in their places.  It needs people of moral courage willing to fight to make the world habitable and humane.  And these needs have little to do with success as our culture has defined it.” ~ David Orr

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I completed a PhD at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Previously, I taught for 20 years and taught for 15 years in a wonderful hybrid school. My dissertation topic and research were how certain teachers experience becoming who teachers. In teaching and leanring, I am a boundary-crosser who understands moving ahead is a leap of faith. Teaching is a calling and vocation to express who I am as a person. Currently, I am waiting and listening to what calls me next. I am an educator, phenomenologist, scholar, boundary-crosser, published poet, author, parent, grandparent, and spouse.

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  1. David Orr is a professor at Oberlin College and the driving force behind The Oberlin Project, the overriding goal of which is to make the town and college environmentally sustainable and to educate citizens and students at every level and in every discipline (K-12, vo-tech + college) to a sufficient level of “ecological literacy” that they can be informed and effective environmental advocates in the communities in which they live and work. See

  2. My sentiment entirely.

  3. For all humans to become humain is to become whole! To live is to enjoy. To love and be loved should be the goal. Living this life on earth would then be lived by all for it’s real purpose!

    Great post full of mind pushing thoughts!

  4. Ha! another blog I follow re-blogged this same piece. 🙂


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