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Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

Define war? How do you teach a child. Why men are killed in war?

This is an incredibly powerful post with great questions as its opening. It would be wonderful to see the world through the eyes of children.


99409866_260231000202310029Grandson asked

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Would be a better world if we saw with the eyes of the children.


                                    Grandson said
Memorial poetry

I stopped by the nearby location for the Memorial day celebration. There had a flag for every Soldier killed in the new wars.  I took my grandsons with me. This time with each flag was a photo of each soldier and where he was killed.

I found my three friends I served with. I stood by one of my friend photo lost in Iraq and I wanted to fall down with sadness. A older man came up and tapped my shoulder and told me. This is a sad place. I’m a Vietnam Vet from Holly, Michigan. I wanted to show respect to my brothers lost to war. I told him. I have three good friends here and I had to visit them. He saw…

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