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You Are the Only Student You Have

Rumi wrote poetry that resonates over centuries. When we take time to be thankful and silent, we are one with the universe. We sense the right time to speak.

When we become our student, it is important to be silent and patient with the student. Without patience and compassion, the student does not learn. The teacher cannot teach and wisdom cannot be received.

When we receive ourselves as both teacher and student, questions open up not to be answered as inviting spaces. We move beyond change and transform who we are.

You are the only faithful student you have.
All the others leave eventually.

Have you been making yourself shallow
with making others eminent?

Just remember, when you’re in union,
you don’t have to fear
that you’ll be drained.

The command comes to speak,
and you feel the ocean
moving through you.
Then comes, Be silent,
as when the rain stops,
and the trees in the orchard
begin to draw moisture
up into themselves.

About ivonprefontaine

I completed a PhD at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Previously, I taught for 20 years and taught for 15 years in a wonderful hybrid school. My dissertation topic and research were how certain teachers experience becoming who teachers. In teaching and leanring, I am a boundary-crosser who understands moving ahead is a leap of faith. Teaching is a calling and vocation to express who I am as a person. Currently, I am waiting and listening to what calls me next. I am an educator, phenomenologist, scholar, boundary-crosser, published poet, author, parent, grandparent, and spouse.

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  1. That’s a beautiful poem and such a good lesson.

  2. Such a powerful insight!

  3. Reblogged this on This Got My Attention and commented:
    How true.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t seen it before 😉

  5. I love the way he can pull nature into his teachings. As I thought about his words it came to me to wonder about the tree that waits until the rain ceases before drawing moisture up. I wonder now if there is a reason for that or if It is just a simile, a comparison whereas the true wisdom is a metaphor, to help man grasp a principle. One learns from the speaking if there is also listening. Is it not true also that meditation leads to learning? I would suggest however that while change leads to transformation, transformation itself is a work of God. Thanks again for an interesting post.

    • I think great poets have the capacity to bring to life what they write about and nature reveals itself in and through their writing. I think of Rumi, Mary Oliver, Gary Snydner, Robert Frost, Gary Snyder, and many others. Thank you for a wonderful comment and you are most welcome Marie.

  6. very true, when it comes to true student, we are the only ones we have.

  7. Superb 👏👏👏👏

  8. Ivon, that you for putting Rumi’s words into this empowering perspective:
    When we receive ourselves as both teacher and student, questions open up not to be answered as inviting spaces. We move beyond change and transform who we are.

  9. Great words to embrace!

  10. teaching
    from the heart

  11. It is such an interesting site you have, ivonprefontaine! Because of lack of time, I haven’that the chance to read you thoroughly, but, whenever I take even a little piece of it, I see you are one of the people I have much in common, in terms of mindset! (I’ m so happy every time I meet such a person in this relatively new to me blogging world 😊)
    I’m a teacher myself and you have given me the flash to realize the power of storytelling which I use spontaneously (our psyche knows! 😉). From now on I will use it more consciously…
    Thank you so much for this “interaction”!

    • Thank you for a wonderful comment and for stopping by. Storytelling is something that can be so intuitive and at the same time a conscious process unfolding who we are.

  12. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I can’t get the title out of my head: “You Are the Only Student You Have”

    That is so powerful!


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