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Kenne is a wonderful photography and poet. In this post, he provides beautiful art along with a quote from Alan Watts.

Watts was an early interpreter of Eastern philosophies. In his book, The Wisdom of Insecurity, he distinguishes between faith and beliefs. To have faith, one accepts what comes. According to Watts, we reduce our anxiety. To believe, one fits the world to fit those beliefs.  In this case, we create doctrine and dogma, religious and otherwise, to suit what our beliefs are. We become anxious in our defense of our beliefs.

When we have faith, we accept what comes and we are part of the larger whole. When we have a belief system, we defend it and treat people and things as if they are resources and disposable. Nature is something exploitable and not something to enjoy and protect.

When I look at the picture Kenne shared, I am reminded how each person, being, and thing is somehow intertwined with everything else. The bee depends on the flower and we depend on each of them in particular ways. We treat the thistle as a weed, rather than as a source of food for the bee and the bee’s honey a source of food for us. Without either of them the universe is diminished. As Watts suggested, we have to see and listen with the eyes and ears of the universe to appreciate the universe’s magnifence.

Yellowstone Elk

I took this picture several years ago in Yellowstone National Park. I was about 20 feet away from this elk with my camera and a few trees between him and me. He knew I was there. A moment before he looked at me, seemed to sense I was not a threat and went back to eating. I did not move suddenly and kept my eye on him each moment I was down there.


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  1. Sehr gut! Freundliche Grüsse, Wolfgang

  2. Kenne truly is a wonderful poet and nature photographer! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this insight and perspective. Always worth coming back to 💛

  4. Beautiful photograph. It must have been wonderful standing so close. I think Watts is right to a point. When the government wants to own my body, then my beliefs need to be STRONGER than anything else, so I can fight back and not be owned by the men in washington. Time and place for everything. To sit back and have faith that things will work out, in a world like this, not a chance.

    • The faith Watts is talking about is not in other people. It is in what comes after and is religious. I agree. If I had to trust politicians and political hacks to do what is right, that would be problematic. The pictures from states like Alabama and Georgia tells me all I need to know about who makes these decisions. Human bodies are not the property of others and that should be settled, but apparently in the minds of some…

  5. Those belief systems will create havoc time after time as they corral people into following their doctrines. If one can arrive at a position of faith, much of the stress will be removed from their world.


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