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Where are you going?

via Where are you going?

Karen uses Alice’s conversation with the Cat from Alice in Wonderland to jump start this internal conversation with one’s self.

It reminded me of how Parker Palmer and Alan Watts describe faith. We are going somewhere, but there is always uncertainty in where we are going. Clinging to certainty adds anxiety as we move forward in life.

As I read this morning, I realized, and I cannot explain why it took so many years to arrive at this point, I often try to imagine the future in precise terms. What I should do is be less precise and imagine the quality of the world I want to inhabit e.g., compassionate, loving, caring, etc. I cannot guarantee it will be so, but I can add my actions in ways that enhance those qualities and the world.

I am re-reading Parker Palmer’s To Know as We Are Known: Education as a Spiritual Journey. He reminds me to live in the world is to understand each person, creature, object, etc. contributes to the world in deep, meaningful ways.


Several years ago, I took an eco-ethics course and an author described how, as a geologist, he looked at a mountain’s striations and read the story they told. I cannot do that, but I I look at this picture of Mt. Robson and know the mountain is telling me its story.



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  1. A beautiful and honest reflection Ivon, inspired by Karen’s post. I feel we are so well conditioned to decide in order to know where we are going and to continue to strive to get there, that we miss the true beauty of the road itself. Karen’s post helped me reflect upon and appreciate what I’ve learned after stepping off of the striving train and by allowing myself to arrive…right here…right now.

  2. A Beautiful post Ivon. Thank you for weaving your insights and wisdom with our shared thoughts. 🙏🏻✨

  3. Yes, excellent, Ivon. This: “Clinging to certainty adds anxiety as we move forward in life.” I love Pema Chodron for her take on living with uncertainty, for isn’t it the core truth of the nature of life, itself? There is no predictability, we are meant to flow with life, with the changes, yet not get swept up in them. It’s why we live close to nature’s bones and work so much with our hands, the soil. Keeps us grounded to the earth, to what matters.

    I love your idea to ‘imagine the quality of the world’ we wish to inhabit. Absolutely. What else to do in the face of what might appear to be chaos and madness? After all, nothing is more chaotic than creation, itself. One need only refer to the birth of solar systems to understand this more concretely. Thanks for sharing your reflections. Aloha.

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