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Theresa posted a short quote from Kahlil Gibran with a lovely picture about kindness as a strength. Kindness offers us courage to reach past ourselves and touch others. It is being human and, as such, is universal.

I think we need kindness more today than perhaps at any other time in our history. We share more in common than we makes us different.

Currently, I am reading The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Abrams. It is a book that I passed several times in the store and, seeming to be calling me, I bought it. It came into my life at the right moment, providing me with fitting counsel for the time.

The write about gratitude as giving “the world your love, your service, your healing, but you can also give it your joy.” Kindness is one way to share with the others love, service, healing, and joy.

Fraser River Near Headwaters

That is Kathy standing on an outcrop near the headwaters of the Fraser River. Up around the bend (John Fogarty might have written those words), are waterfalls. This is my favourite pictures as there is so much to be grateful for in it.

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  2. Gratitude changes brain chemistry,

    Along with contentment, accepting life as it is, maybe close to happiness

  3. It has always been said, if you have to choose between being right and being kind – choose kind. Everyone needs a little kindness, especially the grumpy ones.

  4. I think kindness is a natural thing for people. I never thought about it, or imagined one would have to learn, about it, in order to do it. That’s seems strange to me. I think it’s automatic, just part of who people are.

    • As mentioned, I am reading the Book of Joy. The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Abrams make the same point. We are born with an innate need for other people, particulary our mothers, which probably points towards kindness as the default setting. We have to learn to be unkind.

  5. A lovely reminder and insight. Thank you Ivon 💛

  6. Thanks for sharing.
    Little kindness is joy for ever! (apologies John Keats). If only we would be a little regular about sharing these “Little Things”.

  7. Yes, indeed, you are right. Yesterday i did swim in the River Rhine again. After many years.
    I am grateful to reconnect with it and go with the flow. It touches nearly all of Europe.

  8. Great reading choices and lovely sense of place shot on the river. 😊


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