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Trees are Poems

via Trees are Poems

Eddie Two Hawks provides an inspiring Kahlil Gibran quote and a lovely picture completmenting it.

I go one one step further and think Nature as a poem, a song, and a masterpiece. I need Nature in all its beauty and radiance to complete who I am, otherwise I am empty as Gibran suggests.

Nature is not something out there. It is in each of us to discover. I took this picture about 2 years ago. As we came out of the church, the deer was laying in the shade of a neighbour’s house. In what is a small urban setting, this picture to reminds me Nature is with me all the time. I need to recognize and revere its presence.

Deer Resting


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  1. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    ‘TIS TRUE.

  2. Thank you for your kindness regarding my regrets…and this is a great post (I see the deer underneath!).

  3. Yesterday there was a snake across my welcome mat at the front door. I’d prefer a rabbit to remind me that nature is close by.

  4. Amen to that, Ivon. 🌎

  5. Ivon, I love your awe and reverence towards nature. Deep love and respect. The world needs more of you ……

  6. Agree! Gorgeous shot of the deer!

  7. It’s good luck to see a buck out in the open like that! Cheers!

  8. And they have an epic presence. A beautiful share.


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