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Eddie provides a quote from Khalil Gibran reminding me how Nature welcomes me with beauty and silence, adding to a post from the other day. Where do we each find peace?

There is an echo from Thomas Merton who warned us about the busyness of the modern world, writing in the middle of the 20th Century. With a little effort, we find nature and silence in urban settings, renewing the spirit and the body.

In nature, we have opportunities to hold the wolf of busyness at bay as we experience solitude and peace, which provide moments for deep reflection and introspection.

Path 1

I took this picture of a path that climbs out of the river valley and back into the edge of downtown Edmonton. For me, it is easy to walk these paths and find moments of peace and solitude in the shadow of a large urban setting


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  1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    Excellent idea and a great post! The peace and tranquility of nature is incomparable…I also find peace and rest looking at the sea. Greetings from Spain and all the best.

  2. Happy thanksgiving.๐ŸŒน

  3. excellent and very detailed post and idea…Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  4. The difference between people is so obvious in things like this. I find peace where I am, in my space and in the city. The lovely picture above is scary to me. Not being able to see who might be there (not animals), so alone, no one could hear you scream. Terrifying to be there alone. I’m never afraid in the city. I find it energizing, inspiring and peaceful. I couldn’t do anything in the above photo, except want to get out of there as fast as I could. I’d suffocate in a place like that.

  5. โค Like Thomas Merton's works – hadn't stumbled across the works of Khalil Gibran , that I know of (but I read alot, and may have, just didn't 'land' in recognizable way – – but yes – increasingly, humans are called to 'busyness' in various forms, that often don't include the slow lane of nature and the peace to be found there – – me included! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh – if that were so and would pay my electric bill


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