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There has been a theme of Nature and trees in my recent presses. When David shared a portion of I Go Among Trees and Sit Still by Wendell Berry, it was an opportunity to continue the theme.

Wherever we find them, Nature and trees offer shelter. Nature is not merely out there. It is close at hand and surrounds us. Sitting in an urban park, feeding squirrels and pigeons we are in Nature as much as as walking on a secluded path in the back and beyond.

When I walk, I hear more than I see, sometimes it is the silence that is most noticeable. What hides from sight can easily be heard and not found. The same is true of life. We each experience much more than we can process, absorb, and recall, yet there are moments, when I am still, I recall a moment that had slipped away. I recall it imperfectly, but it is there.

Yellowstone Elk

I took this picture several years ago in Yellowstone. I got to within 20 or so feet of this elk. He knew I was there and looked at me. Trees sheltered him and me from each other, reducing the threat. As well, I moved quietly to get into position to take the picture, making little noise and posing minimal threat (I hoped).

Just after this picture, I took a one of a bison about ten feet away. I positioned myself between the van and animal, who was less happy with me than the elk and kept the side door open.

A key for me is to remember where I am and that those animals are wild. Even in an urban setting, a wild animal would be unpredictable. Stillness is important in their presence,




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  1. …”A key for me is to remember where I am and that those animals are wild.”…

    So very true, that’s the trick to staying safe, I bet. Also, I think it’s important to remember who is the intruder. You got some really nice shots there.

    Nice post.


  2. Truly magnificent creatures!

  3. Wow! Fabulous photographs.

  4. Too true. “They flash upon the inward eye”.

  5. There’s something very special about a wild animal trusting you enough to let you get close or to get close to you. I’ve always found it amusing when a chipmunk or squirrel will hop up on the porch where I’m sitting and look at me curiously.

  6. oh my ten feet from that bison is too close for comfort so glad you kept your cool

  7. Bison walking down the street!!


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