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Courage on the Edge

The dominant society or group within believes they control the conversation. What would happen if we trusted each other and made ourselves vulnerable? What would happen if we acknowledged and accepted differences? It takes courage, but it is possible. It takes us to acknowledge the other and reach out. In those moments of vulnerability and courage, we expose our self in ways that take us outside comfort zones.

There is courage in vulnerability

One sits on the edge;

The perimeter

Or margins

Not hidden in the crowd.

Expand boundaries–

Encourage and pull

Do not discourage and pull

Make invisible visible

Give a name to the other.

Create spaces;

Not for agreement

But, where agreement meets

On the edges

Reveal the other in your welcome.

Mojo Gathers Momentum

This was not originally a poem. It was a summary of the past year and the struggle to find a new space where I could create and be fully present. It all began in Oakland about this time last year and has grown with each ensuing day.

It just happened–

I let go

Spoke without anger–

A sadness;

For what is lost.

Stared into the abyss–

Sat with unformed questions


The darkness;

The incompleteness.

Took stock

Looked inwards–

Accepted extended hands

Discarded baggage

Walked towards the light.

Mojo gained momentum–

Sprung up in a creative space

Simple presence

Live my truth;

With each moment’s question.

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