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Open Heart; Open Mind

I walked out of the house and looked up at a clear sky. The Moon stood out in the sky and just below was a morning star. It is not a great picture, but it reminded me I live in a metropolitan area of over 1 million. I find my self rewarded when I take the time and see nature in that place. They are there; I only have to look for them.

See what I want

Hear what I choose

Instead, open my whole self.

Behold nature’s gifts

Hold close to the heart

Hidden only when I choose.

Nature waits for me

Quietly reveals its self

Open my whole self.


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  1. tiny lessons blog

    It’s funny but true that I almost went out last night to take a similar picture. They were a bit closer to each other here in the south. It was quite spectacular as nature mostly is. Thanks

  2. I do that too, Ivon. I appreciate all that is happening around me however; I choose those things that make an impact on my consciousness. All else I see without judgment or subjectivity, which leaves me to appreciate all that I choose to see..!

  3. Nice poem,Reminds me of myself.Best regards

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