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A Half a Dragonfly Is Better than None

I took this picture with my PDA at the retreat last weekend on one of my walks. This picture turned out better than the one I deleted. I took that one of the sidewalk. I had trouble with the sun over my shoulder; pretty good excuse. Initially, I was disappointed because this dragonfly posed and was cooperative, but, in retrospect, the title says it all.

The retreat was a great experience. I reminded my self that it is OK to be imperfect. I am human with that. The dragonfly showed up and shared a quiet moment with me and for that I am grateful.


He lit down oh so gently

He posed oh so perfectly.

I heard him say;

I really did!

“Take my picture please

My time almost done

This serves as my memorial.”

I took his picture

He stood so still

Posed gratefully.

Once done, he took his leave

Both our jobs nearly done.



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  1. That’s such a sweet little poem, yet it touches upon the mortality of life and the mark we leave behind when we’re gone. I read the poem before returning to read the description and I’m glad I did, I think you should switch them round so that people read the poem first, then see the picture and then read the rest, for the poem has more of a pull on people’s imagination then. That’s only my opinion though of course 🙂

    Also, my I ask about the use of the word “gratefully” in the 10th line? I was expecting ‘gracefully’ and it sort of made me stop and think about it, any particular reason? Or perhaps my pause WAS the reason? xD hehe


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