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Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

I am astonished when people are surprised when I say after a busy day or hectic week I want a break, some quiet. The way we see our situation is vital. Remaining in the fray without attending to one’s holistic needs is counterproductive. We lose track of where we are in life. This beautiful poem reminds us that solitude is a reward, we only have to be open to it and accept the pause that really refreshes.

Source of Inspiration


Solitary confinement,
the ultimate punishment,
or the greatest reward,
insanity or enlightenment?
What makes people like Nelson
Mandela grow stronger while
others sink into the despair of no return?

I am alone, but not in solitary confinement;
a cricket chirps his passion, a bird
calls to another. My inner world is filled
with those who accompany me, who walk
toward the Light with me. I am
at home wherever I am
for I AM.


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