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Daily Archives: February 14, 2013

I will re-blog this one as well. It is for Kathy who is my favourite person and makes each day Valentine Day

We have geniuses in our midst in every time including ours. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge that genius. The other important thing we fail to acknowledge is the beauty of all work. Michelangelo worked physically, cognitively, spiritually, and emotionally. It was a holistic practice.
Happy Valentine Day



I posted the wonderful poem Daybreak last night and I was reminded of the need for silence as I wrote. Community members added a rich tapestry about the need for silence and the role it plays in life.

It was pretty quiet today and I felt at peace with where I am at and who I am today. I realized I have not written poetry nearly as much recently and found myself drawn to the words I used last night in the preamble.


A beautiful place,

Just being,

Hear like never before.

Cradled in gentle spaciousness;

Watered, nourished–

Rest in silence’s glow,

The moment embraces.




Stillness welcomes.


I rise,

I grow,

I create.

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