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Daily Archives: January 6, 2014


Some days, I sit and watch, listen, and sense the wonders of the world around me. Within these wonders, things and people invite me to remember things embedded within nature and in my life. The extraordinary emerges from the ordinary. Often, I overlook what and who is important in my life, who give and gave me unconditional support.

Natasha Trethewey shared this wonderful poem about the unobserved industry that goes on around me. It is not just busy industry. I focus on a particular calling in life. I find my voice in the work. For humans, there is a multiplicity in the work and the way it shapes life. Similar to the woodpecker, it seems I look for the gifts I overlook. There is more embedded in life than just hanging laundry and other obvious tasks I undertake. When I attend and am present, the barely perceptible–the liminal– is visible, heard, and fully sensed.

All day I’ve listened to the industry

of a single woodpecker, worrying the catalpa tree

just outside my window. Hard at his task,

his body is a hinge, a door knocker

to the cluttered house of memory in which

I can almost see my mother’s face.

She is here, beyond the tree,

its slender pods and heart-shaped leaves,

hanging wet sheets on the line–each one

a thin white screen between between us. So insistent

is this woodpecker, I’m sure he must be

looking for something else–not simply

the beetles and grubs inside, but some other gift

the tree might hold. All day he’s been at work,

tireless, making the green hearts flutter.


These Robins are a bit early

I am looking out the kitchen window at more snow falling and the weather still cold. It is supposed to warm up today. This post is one of hope that spring, in many forms, is just around the corner. The corner is sometimes longer for some than others.



When temperature is hovering around freezing and yesterday’s storm blew the 6 – 7 inches of snow around like a blizzard, Robins are searching for food in my front yard.

At first there was one; then another and then the whole yard where there was no snow or ice, was full of them.
Hopefully they will survive the single digit temps that is supposed to be here for the next few nights.

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