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Daily Archives: April 1, 2016

Fresh Quotes: MAY~The words I live by

Fresh Quotes: MAY~The words I live by

There are several great quotes in this post from Eintstein to Rumi to Eleanor Roosevelt to Emily Dickinson. Accepting that life is risky is important and educating. We deceive ourselves when we try to believe that life is risk-free or risk can be mitigated. We are always exposed to vulnerability and we can embrace it as part of the human experience called our life.

Life Is Color

fantastic blue sky.with quote this one Credit: Einstein, Mother Nature and SBI

I found this quote a couple of years back. I was at a crossroads in my life, I was lost and searching for answers. I felt time was ticking away and eating at my soul. I felt empty and answerless. I was searching….searching for something…I did not know what. Answers perhaps…meaning, at least a direction. I was spiritually and physically low but ready for something…I didn’t know what at the time…and then I ran across this quote. It was contained in a quote book I picked up at the library, before that I wasn’t one for quotes. They seemed old and stuffy. I could not see how they could be the least bit interesting;  old rehashed bits taken out of context…but for some reason I checked the book out, brought it home and opened it up. I thumbed through a few pages before I came to this one…

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