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Twin Falls At Rock Island State Park

via Twin Falls At Rock Island State Park

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This images and video caught my eye, as I love waterfalls. I am in Spokane for a few days and only a few minutes walk from Spokane Falls. Below, I include videos (apologies for the grainy nature) I took of the falls on my walk the other day. I am struck by how nature surrounds and engulfs me.

Humans are part of nature. I experience this inness, if there is such a word, as rabbits, deer, coyotes, etc. inhabit the neighbourhood we live in. 20 years ago, I may have argued we were on the outskirts of Edmonton, but today that is not the case.

Despite the urban sprawl we experience, nature does not recognize boundaries the way we do. Boundaries exist in nature, but they are formed around natural structures e.g., mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, etc.

The second video is just above the first set of falls and shows part of the skyline and the site for Expo 74.


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Ivon. Hiking at Rock Island State Park was wonderful, and the Twin Falls were a real treat to enjoy!

  2. Looks like another majestic location on Planet Earth. Thanks for sharing, Ivon. 🙏🌺

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  4. I have a few waterfall videos of my own. It seems the flowing water just carries away the burdens of the day. I haven’t been able to post a video on my blog. Do you have to have a special status?

    • No, but it is trickier now to move videos and images from my documents to a post. What I did was uploaded it to a Youtube channel and then posted via the channel. It is a bit round-about, but gets me there.


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