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I posted the wonderful poem Daybreak last night and I was reminded of the need for silence as I wrote. Community members added a rich tapestry about the need for silence and the role it plays in life.

It was pretty quiet today and I felt at peace with where I am at and who I am today. I realized I have not written poetry nearly as much recently and found myself drawn to the words I used last night in the preamble.


A beautiful place,

Just being,

Hear like never before.

Cradled in gentle spaciousness;

Watered, nourished–

Rest in silence’s glow,

The moment embraces.




Stillness welcomes.


I rise,

I grow,

I create.



Silence is a beautiful place to be. I grow in that space and feel the energy renew me. I can stop and listen to what my heart says. Silence, in that way, is the vital pause in life. It is the pause that refreshes to use a line from popular culture. I find humility in my silence because I take time, listen to my self, and listen to the other.

I found this beautiful poem from Nobel Laureate Gabriela Mistral. She was the first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

My heart swells that the
like a fiery cascade may
The new day comes.  Its coming
leaves me breathless.
I sing like a cavern
I sing a new day.

For grace lost and recovered
I stand humble.  Not giving.
Until the gorgon night,
vanquished, flees.

Silence, Solitude, Sabbath

I head into my Sabbath – I disconnect to reconnect. Last weekend we spent time in silence and in that space solitude appeared. I enjoyed a good week in a place I often struggle to find peace of mind. Besides the retreat, it was made easier as I participate in a wonderful group on a monthly conference call and we met this week. I also interviewed for a radio show about mindful servant-leadership. This was an incredible experience and will share a schedule, when it is available, for those who are interested in listening to it.

I can only say the peace I felt this week was a result of the silence and solitude at the retreat. This and sharing that experience with Kathy was a great time.

Spacious silence and solitude…

Within you I sought refuge

Peaceful and compassionate place.

There lovingkindness discovered me

The heart breaks open

Each moment its reward.

Silently the spirit reveals itself

Able to speak

Softly, gently, tenderly,

Begs for its quiet voice to be heard.

Solace finds me

An unmarked path emerges

One step at a time.

At week’s end

Gratitude for wisdom revealed

For week’s beginning.

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