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Sensory Explosion

This is a new poem. I started working with another, which I will post later and this emerged.

What happens is contemplative exercises allow me to become mindful as I move back into my daily life. These activities can be meditation/prayer, time to walk, reading poetry, etc. What I experience moments remains with me.

I embed activities into my daily routine. For example, I try to get out and walk each day. I note what and who I see, hear, smell, and feel. The other day, I observed autumn’s musty smell had arrived, as trees shed their leaves. We have had little rain the last few weeks, but some drizzles may have hastened the smell of decomposing materials.

When we travel, we spend time walking and hiking in and out. I love waterfalls and mountains, so they speak to me and linger with me, forever changing me.

Walking away,

Richness lingering–

Thunder booming,

Spray hovering,

Power reverberating,

Water smelling–


Hearing, feeling, seeing, sensing–

Walking away,


In my ears,

On my skin,

In spirit,

Re-entering quieter world–





As Rumi suggested, perhaps we look in the wrong places. When we pause and take time, we can sense where we are being called to look.

It is like an old country song which suggested we are looking in all the wrong places.

impaired vision

impaired vision.

There is always a dogmatic mind and dogma that influences the way we see the world and speak about it.

When we let go of our opinions, perhaps we improve our vision. We can never see clearly, but we can see more clearly as we let go and allow the sediment to settle.


More than a tree

More than a tree.

When we look at a tree, is it just a tree? Or, is there more to that tree? It is likely the home to birds and other animals. Perhaps, rather than a home, it is a resting place during the day or seasons that pass. It is a place of shelter provides food, offers shade, and many other things that are overlooked in our daily passing of the tree. What story does it tell? We only know when we stop, close our eyes, and listen to the tree.

The Space of Silence

I got away from writing poetry, but I felt it nibbling at the corners of that part of me throughout this hectic summer. As I get ready for the next part of the doctoral journey, I spent more time writing purpose statements, editing them, and edging closer to something workable. With a full course load in September, I know my schedule will look different. Something I need daily is silence and pauses where things percolate academically and creatively. I got back to my yoga mat more this last week or two and I feel good with the silence that I find in those moments. It is another meditative space where wisdom comes calling.


Seek blindly

Grasp and cling.

Be present—


Receive each moment’s gift.

Gently wrapped—

A bow in place—

Wisdom concealed.

In spacious silence—

A wordless symphony—

Plays serene melody.

Unrecognized tailor—

Silence stitches—

Weaves life whole.


I posted the wonderful poem Daybreak last night and I was reminded of the need for silence as I wrote. Community members added a rich tapestry about the need for silence and the role it plays in life.

It was pretty quiet today and I felt at peace with where I am at and who I am today. I realized I have not written poetry nearly as much recently and found myself drawn to the words I used last night in the preamble.


A beautiful place,

Just being,

Hear like never before.

Cradled in gentle spaciousness;

Watered, nourished–

Rest in silence’s glow,

The moment embraces.




Stillness welcomes.


I rise,

I grow,

I create.

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